From District President Joan Berquist

2022: Spring Mission Tidings

Mission Statement comes alive

“As Lutheran Women in Mission, we joyfully proclaim Christ, support missions, and equip women to honor God by serving others.” – The Mission Statement of the LWML

As we approach the end of the North Wisconsin District’s 2020-2022 biennium on March 31, let’s reflect on our accomplishments. The district LWML has survived leadership change, figured out virtual meetings and supported the $105,000 in Mission Grants that were selected by convention vote in 2020. Our sisters within our district have shared their servant hearts and continued to volunteer where needed, including learning sign language! We have held retreats, rallies, and workshops both in person and virtual. Our generous gifting of Mites has continued to support our mission.

There are several opportunities coming up to participate in as we keep sharing the joy of knowing Jesus as our Savior. The Young Women Coordinators are preparing a retreat at Camp Luther on April 2, zone rallies will begin in March, and our district convention is being planned for June 16-18 in Green Bay where we will select Mission Grants to support, elect new officers, be inspired by mission speakers and share wonderful Christian fellowship.

Come join us as we, Lutheran Women in Mission, continue to share the love of Christ with others.