From District President Becky Haltaufderheid

LWML was restructured after the convention in Mobile. The first historical meeting of the President’s Assembly was in January. There was business to attend to, training sessions and a panel discussion in which we were able to share ideas and concerns with other district presidents and with the Board of Directors. This has allowed me to be better equipped to inspire you and others within our district. Let me highlight a few bits of information.

“Donate Your Change” is out of business. If you joined this program, you should remove your information from it. There will be two boot camps coming, a Treasurer’s Boot Camp in 2021 and Historian Boot Camp in 2022. Another Assembly of Leaders will be planned for 2022. More information will be shared at a later date.

Do you like to listen to podcasts? You can find them at the LWML app. Look for “LWML On The Go”  to hear a weekly message. Plans are to present a six week session in the near future focusing on women of the Bible. I am excited to listen to these podcasts. If you have not listened to any of the podcasts, now is the time to explore the LWML website. You will be enriched by each of the sessions posted and you can listen to them at any time! In April, an online Bible Study will be conducted daily. Watch for more information at the LWML website. This is a great opportunity to be together with other sisters from various districts and be enriched by God’s Word.

March 31, 2020, is the end of our biennium. Our work is not completed and we have one and a half grants to fund. As you place your offerings into your Mite Box, pray they would be multiplied so others will hear about Jesus’ love for them—how He died and rose for them—and so they too could enjoy the gift of eternal life.

We are just into February and preparing for the season of Lent that begins on Ash Wednesday, February 26. This is a time for us to look to the cross and acknowledge that we are wretched sinful beings who deserve eternal damnation. But, as we repent of our sins, we receive God’s grace and the gift of eternal life because of His great love for us. As you journey through this Lenten season, share the message of Jesus’ sacrifice as you serve the Him gladly.

Blessed to serve!